Solari e-News, Vol. 4, No. 23: Attend an Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) Summit, and keep up with the IRP transformation


Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) Summit

The electric power industry is in the midst of a wide-scale, profound, foundational change on a scale not seen since electricity was first commercialized a century ago. Generation is migrating from large, central, power stations to a smaller-scale, distributed system, and from firm fuel-fired generation to unprecedented amounts of cleaner variable renewable generation.

Simultaneously, integrated resource planning is undergoing a comprehensive, full throttle, wholesale transformation. The main driver in this integrated resource planning transformation remains the growing influx of renewable generation on the grid, especially from distributed energy resources (DERs).

The current transformation in integrated resource planning has created a plethora of consequential challenges that test that planning process, and demand a fundamental reworking of how integrated resource plans (IRPs) are conceptualized, modeled, analyzed, developed, and implemented.

At the EUCI Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) Summit, you can learn more about this transformation and its related challenges, about their emerging ramifications, and about how they can best be incorporated into your planning process. The IRP Summit is by integrated resource planners, for integrated resource planners.

You can learn more at the IRP Summit webpage.

IRP Transformation Study and Report

Over the past year, I have been conducting both primary and secondary research into this integrated resource planning transformation. The trends unveiled in that study form the basis for this IRP Summit. My presentation on that study will kick-off the summit. As an attendee, you will receive a copy of my report. You can also learn more about our resource planning consulting services.

—Rich Maggiani, Resource Planning Consultant

Attend the IRP Summit at a Discount

This IRP Summit is replete with actionable topics: modeling tools, input assumptions, weather dynamics, decarbonization considerations, battery storage modeling, RPS mandates, modeling and planning for increasing amounts of DERs (distributed energy resources), and other related issues. Twenty-four utility and industry experts are scheduled to present. The Summit also includes pre-conference and post-conference workshops around two fundamental planning topics: planning for renewable energy and assessing resource adequacy metrics. The conference brochure describes the entire schedule of sessions.

The Summit is being held Monday af-ternoon and all day Tuesday, April 16–17, 2018 in Portland, Oregon. The pre-conference session is Monday morning; the post-conference session is all day Wednesday, April 18.

And… because you are receiving this missive, you and your colleagues can attend at a discount. Receive a 10% to 25% discount when you register at the IRP Summit website, click the Register tab, and checkout with code IRP18SOL. Register before March 30 to obtain an additional Early Bird discount.

Keep abreast of the wide-scale transformation resource planning is undergoing by attending this Sum-mit. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

See you there!